The Sea Saver won't solve all our environmental issues but I believe that if we all try to make a small difference it will affect change for the better. By using Sea Saver you can help reduce the amount of microfibres and plastics entering our rivers and oceans. The Sea Saver collects loose man-made fibres and allows the separated particles to be collected and in turn recycled responsibly.


Simply place your man-made textiles eg. garments containing polycotton, polyester and rayon etc into the Sea Saver and wash as usual. Your usual woollen mix or cotton garments can be washed at the same time but outside the bag. At the end of the wash cycle clear any plastic fibres from the Sea Saver and place into the recycling. The Sea Saver can also be used to protect fragile garments like silks during the wash.


Size: 60 x 46cm 

earthkind sea saver micro plastic collection wash bag