Four natural vegan soaps, 100% plastic free and thoughtfully presented in a kraft box, wood wool, tissue paper and dried petals.


I have chosen only the most nourishing oils and butters to make up my specially formulated base recipe including organic ultra-moisturising shea butter and cocoa butter.


All the soaps are perfect to use every day for face, hands and body. Made using the traditional cold process they will not strip your skin of natural oils, it will simply cleanse, replenish and moisturise.


Each bar is also an average of 125g, which is larger than most and means it will last for even longer.


citrus | juniper | activated charcoal- woody and fresh scent with cleansing charcoal


spiced patchouli | red clay- warm and earthy enriched with soothing clay


geranium | rosemary | mint- An English country garden at the height of summer and naturally dyed with ancient madder root.


honey | oats | unscented- with local raw honey and very finely ground colloidal oatmeal this soap is extra gentle and soothing.


calendula | unscented- Infused with calendula flowers organically grown in my garden, the sunny yellow petals host an array of soothing properties


lavender | ylang ylang – floral and heady with a delicate purple swirl from alkanet root.


basil | vetiver | nettles | clay- a powerhouse of a soap with precious and grounding essential oils plus anti-inflammatory and detoxifying nettles and French green clay.

Entirely Soap Gift Box