A set of three handmade beeswax Christmas tree decorations full of vintage charm. These are very traditional in Germany and predate glass baubles. In the 16th century the bakers would use the carved wooden cookie molds to make beeswax decorations.


They have that warm hue and unmistakable honey like scent. They are also completely plastic free made from 100% natural beeswax and jute twine. They come packaged in a glassine bag, with card label and cotton twine tie, so they would make a perfect stocking filler.


The set comes with 1x rocking horse which measures approx. 7cm x9cm and 2x assorted decorations which measure an average of 5cm x 5cm though a few are a little smaller or larger. I use a selection of vintage molds so that is why there is such variety.

set of three beeswax decorations