This has been a dream of mine for many many years. Recently I was going through an old journal from 2016 looking for some notes on herbs and I had written 'oh I just so want to make and sell soaps, skincare and all things natural living'. Though taking it from a seed of an idea to an actual bona fide business has been a lot of graft. The process of starting has actually been much more of an undertaking than I originally anticipated, which is probably a good thing as I don’t know if I would have gone for it if I had known. There have been 1001 decisions to make from the tiniest detail, think tissue paper shades of white. To larger things like how I am going to try and make all my packaging as plastic free as possible, see glue made out of potato starch.

On top of that, trying start a business in the midst of lockdown has had its own challenges and there have been delays and almost everything has had to been done online. However there has also been so many kind people working hard the whole time who have helped me on my journey. From all the warehouse staff and delivery drivers, my friends who have shared their skills, to Test Valley borough council who have awarded me the Business Incentive Grant.

There have been great highs, such as formulating my favourite soap recipes and playing with all the essential oils to find beautiful blends. Though there have also been more difficult things like getting my head round all the cosmetic regulations. I still almost cant believe I have done it and I'm actually open.

I have many plans for the next couple of months to expand my three areas of the Made on the Chalk (skincare, homecare and mindful embellishments):

-formulating more skincare: hand sanitiser, natural deodorant and facial oils

-working on cleaning products: washing up soap, laundry powder and wool dryer balls

-making pure beeswax candles

-developing a 'how to make soap' e-course with ingredients

I am so excited for the next year, and I cant wait to connect with you all more. Thank you for supporting my dream.

Grace x