Conventional soaps often contain sulphates, petroleum derived ingredients, parabens, artificial fragrances and colours. Instead I only use 100% natural oils and botanicals that have amazingly nourishing properties. I use organic, cold pressed and unrefined oils and butters plus only natural colours and essential oils for fragrance. Non of the soaps contain palm oil due to the unsustainable agricultural practices destroying our rainforests.

I harvest and forage for many of the botanicals from around my home and workshop. For some of the oils which come from abroad, such as shea butter, I use a supplier who sources organic ingredients from Fair Trade cooperatives in Ghana, using traditional methods that don't harm the environment. In turn, they help the local community improve their job prospects, their education and their health. The use of these ingredients through the fair-trade movement means much to the communities whose livelihoods depend on harvesting and processing of these oils and butters.

If you have any questions about specific ingredients please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Botanicals The earth gives us a bounty of botanicals and other beneficial properties for soaps. I only use that which comes in natural forms for example, leaf’s, flowers, seeds, barks, roots or clays. As these have not been created in a lab like many of the synthetic colours and even bio identical additives, they have a unique and soft look, which is all part of their charm. Every product lists the specific botanicals used in its description.

Calendula oil is made from calendula flowers, which I grow myself organically though I am not certified, and are macerated for 4-6 weeks in olive oil. Calendula is known for having antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties so is perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Castor oil is a thick plant oil, a similar consistency to honey, made from cold pressing the castor bean and when used in soap help to give a strong lather.

Cocoa Butter is a plant fat extracted from the coca beans. High in saturated fats and Vitamin E it is used to give hardness, moisturisation and a creamy lather to the final soap.

Coconut oil, virgin organic is a plant oil extracted form the kernel of coconuts. Used to make a hard soap with a wonderful lather, and as it is cold pressed it is high in saturated fatty acids which act as a good moisturiser.

Essential oil blends All the essential oils used are solely extracted by pressing or steam distillation, and only come from natural plants. They are chosen for their beautiful smells and therapeutic value. The total amount of essential oils never exceed 3% of the soap, as per EU law, as they are incredibly concentrated and powerful. Every product will list the specific essential oils used in its description.


Honey is the wonderful sweet stuff made by bees. The honey we use is from hives around Andover and is cold extracted, strained and not tamper with in any way. The honey is multi floral as the bee’s forage on a variety of wild and farmed plants. It is only present in our honey and oat soap.

Olive oil is a plant oil obtained by pressing the fruits of the olive tree. Traditionally believed to be one of the oldest oils for soap making, due to its gentle, moisturising properties and abundant vitamins E and A.

Shea Butter, organic is a plant fat extracted from the seeds of the Shea tree. High in saturated fats it is an excellent moisturiser which is easily absorbed by the body. African women have been harvesting the tree’s nuts, crushing and boiling the contents to extract the butter since ancient times.

Sodium Hydroxide or Lye is an alkaline compound traditionally used in cold process soap when dissolved in water and mixed with the oils and butters a chemical reaction takes place called saponification. There is no sodium hydroxide in the finished soap just lots of glycerine the saponified oils that give their unique nourishing and cleansing properties.




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